For your added enjoyment, we have included some tips on how to prepare for the USMLE Step 1, 2, and CS Exams. These tips are based on several students' personal experience in a US style four year medical school. As everything, this is a personal experience and so every person will give you different advice. Take it as you may and make your own adaptations so the advice suits you. 


However, there is one thing that is not personal with regards to the USMLE Exams.

Whether you are an FMG or IMG you must register for your ECFMG ID Number on the ECFMG (www.ecfmg.org) website, as this number will allow you to sign up for the USMLE Exams. Please check out the ECFMG site and read their policies if have not already done so.


regardless of your school or curriculum, we believe that if you work hard and follow the principles outlined in the following advice pages, you should do well on the step exams.


Good Luck


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