Depending on your school's educational program, your school's policy, as well as your preference of specialty you may have to do several rotations (electives) in the United States. Usually, these electives will include a mix of sub-internships and observerships. 

Just to clarify, on sub internships you actually function like an intern (only with fewer patients), while on the observerships you mostly well... observe. As you can imagine, there is a big difference between the two types of electives. It must also be mentioned that if you choose a surgical specialty or OB/GYN then all your electives will probably be sub-internships; you seldom observe in such active fields. 

We have complied accounts from the core fields in which people do electives: Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, General Surgery, OB/GYN, EM, and Radiology snuck in there as well. Hopefully, these will give you some idea of what to expect.  

Thank you to the wonderful people who contributed to this section; They are all excellent people who matched to top residencies in their respective fields.

The Elective Experience

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