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IMG Residency tips was formed in order to provide doctors from around the world important, practical, and free information on how to attain a residency position in the united states.


As most doctors know, the US residency application process is long and complex. Moreover, it is geared to an American medical school graduate. Therefore, an IMG/FMG who randomly applys for a residency position is unlikely to succeed.


This is where IMG Residency Tips comes in to the picture. Our website provides free reliable information on all aspects of the application process including secrets and tips that are crucial to success in obtaining a residency position.


It is based on the experiences of a large number of International/foreign medical graduates who have managed to successfully obtain a residency position in some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the United States.


All that is left for you, the applicant, is to read it!

Good Luck To All,
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